Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day...

So on this day, we are to remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It goes without saying that I had many specific soldiers on my mind throughout the day. I'm very grateful for the bravery that these men displayed, as they fought for our country. They gave their all and will not be forgotten.

Unfortunately, not everyone responds to this holiday the same. On my way home from the grocery store, I was listening to one of the rock stations in our area and the DJ's comments were absolutely fantastic. He went on about how wonderful this 3 day weekend has been and said that we love this 3 day weekend, why?, because it's a 3 day weekend! No where in his rant did he even mention the reason why people got an extra day off from work, other than it being a good reason to break out the grill. I find it irritating when people show a lack of respect for certain days such as this when they clearly deserve it. I suppose it sometimes takes knowing those personally affected by it to truly appreciate it.

Earlier tonight, of all things that would happen to be on, there was a marathon of Band of Brothers playing on tv. I had never seen it, but after watching several episodes of The Pacific, I knew it would be interesting to watch. Before I knew it, I sat through several hours of the series. During each episode, those that the show was based on spoke about their experiences and the fallen heroes that the story was based on. Like any other depiction of war based off of true events, it's always interesting -- yet sad -- to see/hear the vets talk of their experiences. To talk of the heroes that gave their all and the memories they have from their time overseas...It gives the younger generations, like mine, an idea of how things were at that time. The whole thing was just very fitting considering what day it was...

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