Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you...

...postpartum hormones...with as much as I've been shedding, I feel like I'm competing with Oba! The only question is...who's going to fill up the vacuum first? I know this is a normal part of the recovery process, but talk about annoying! The joys of pregnancy, I suppose. Just sucks having to deal with all this junk without the baby in hand. Ugh.

Aside from that petty complaint, I'm happy to report that the fence has been fixed. I'm sure Oba doesn't share the same sentiment, but I no longer have to worry about him sneaking out into the neighbor's yard like he did the other night. They also won't have to worry about Oba sticking his head through the broken slats and staring at them like the nosy neighbor that he is.

While my landlord and neighbor worked on replacing the broken slats, etc., Oba watched, but not without grumbling. From the moment Oba realized they were in the backyard and he was inside, he sat and cried at the patio door nonstop. So after enough of hearing that, I finally went back there with him on the leash so he could sit and watch...

Occasionally, he tried to be helpful by taking away broken pieces of the fence to chew on. Yeah, that was fun getting those back.

So, that was an exciting moment to our day. Once they got most of the slats back up, I let Oba off the leash to run and boy did he ever! He sprinted around the yard like a madman while barking his head off. I guess he had to let everyone know who's boss around here. I'm just glad it got that crazy energy out of him, resulting in a date with his pillow for the rest of the evening. What a life!

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