Saturday, March 27, 2010

An encouraging appointment...

Well, I had an appointment earlier today with an RE specialist, and it surprisingly went pretty well. I had my hesitations, because it was at none other than the lovely Madigan Army Medical Facility. I've had awful awful experiences there in the past, so I was fairly hesitant to even make the appointment. However, thanks to a good friend's recommendation to this specific clinic, I gave in and it turned out to be worth it.

The doctor appears to be incredibly proactive, and has a whole list of things he'd like to do to both see if there's anything that hasn't been caught yet, as well as prevent anything from happening again. Unlike our previous doctor's recommendation (and that of a few other OB's we've talked to), he would like to start close monitoring a lot sooner, assuming we choose to and are able to get pregnant again. That's definitely encouraging in and of itself!

So we'll just see how things pan out. The doctor has several tests he would like to perform starting out, but there's no rush since I've got a few months still until James gets back home. It will be nice to be able to get it all out of the way before then though. Plus, I suppose it's something extra that will keep me busy while waiting for redeployment. Not that this kind of junk is fun, but maybe it can bring some kind of relief in a sense...or maybe lessen the stress.

Definitely a good way to end the week. Plus, Obie has a new cousin! Ha! I can't wait for the day to come when Obie and Bo will get to meet and interact. That will be quite a sight! Oba will probably look like a little ant compared to monstrous Bo!

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