Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, a little over a week has passed since James headed back to Stan and I secluded myself from the world. That was a much needed week of just being alone, and I think it helped. Oba and I hung out, stayed up way too late each night, and caught up on several movies via Netflix. It was nice. However, it had to end at some point. While I have a feeling I'll have much interest in just being alone for quite awhile, Oba and I headed down to Portland today to spend the week with a dear friend. I think in some ways, this trip is therapeutic. My friend, Cara, and I unfortunately share the experience of losing a child to stillbirth, so she just gets it. We can sit and talk and actually get somewhere with it, since it's all too familiar. It's not one of those conversations where people are walking on eggshells, or trying to one up the situation and claim that they know someone that has gone through it so they have a sense of what it's like, etc. etc. No, it's more real than that, as we both have gone through it and know the thoughts and feelings that result from this tragedy. I'm glad it worked out for Oba and I to head down here and spend this time with her.

Of all the days I could come down here, I couldn't have picked a better one. After a week or more of straight rain, it was actually sunny. It was perfect for the drive. We got here and decided since it was so nice out, we'd walk to the park. For those that know how Oba works, it wasn't a leisure walk, but rather a pulling all the way there kind of walk. Either Oba was pulling me, or I was pulling him. He likes to sniff and check out everything surrounding him. If it's interesting enough, he will stop dead in his tracks and not budge until he's done sniffing. On the other hand, if it's not interesting, he will happily pull you as he wants to go at a faster pace than the rest of us. It makes for an interesting experience to say the least. Oh, that and he won't walk in a straight line. He likes to cut people off and zigzag across the pavement. Oh, the joys. Nonetheless, we had a good time.

While this week is going to be a relaxing one, we have a few things in the works. Cara mentioned the idea of starting a quilt together, so we'll see how things go tomorrow and if we decide to start that or not. It should be fun regardless. I also have every intention of soaking up the tax free status that Oregon holds. There are a few purchases I've been wanting to make, so if I give in and make them, I fully intend to do it here rather than WA where the sales tax is 8.5-9.5% depending on whether I shop in Oly or Seattle. That in itself is worth shopping down here. Hopefully retail therapy won't take too strong of a hold, but if it does, so be it. With closing on the house here in a couple weeks, who cares, right? If James were reading this, I'm sure he would say I'm fooling no one, as it's hard for me to take the plunge and splurge on much of anything. However, perspectives change when you experience certain things, and at this point, something like that might help. We shall see.

Below is a picture of Oba getting some love from Cara. I think he's made a friend (even though we're finding out she may be allergic to him!).

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