Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dragonflies And Potty Training...

This is random, but that seems to be the ongoing theme lately on this blog...

As some of you may know, the dragonfly and butterfly tend to hold special meaning to those in the baby loss community. Whenever we run across one, it brings a smile and immediately makes me think of Jacob, Jordan, and Olivia. With that being said, a few nights ago, James went to kill what he thought was one of those massive mosquitoes that got in the house and wouldn't leave. Lo and behold, it wasn't a mosquito, but a dragonfly! So instead of killing it, he caught it and brought it to where Samuel and I were to show me before taking it back outside. While that may be random and not mean much to most of you, it warmed our hearts. It's the little things, right? Kind of like while at the dentist yesterday, I noticed they had three dragonflies hanging between the two flat screen TVs in the lobby. It was a perfect start to my trip to the dentist, as just the thought of the dentist gives me anxiety, but instead, I had a smile.

On another note, our little boy did something yesterday that I wasn't exactly ready for. He ran to me with a diaper and told me (in Sam-man language) that he needed changed -- reaching up to me with it and motioning like a wild man. Sure enough, he was right. I don't know when I was expecting that to start happening, but I'm not ready for it yet! Please slow down, Samuel...please! With each new day, it seems like he's trying to grow up that much more. And there I sit loving every second of it, yet missing the "baby" days like crazy. It all goes by WAY too fast.

He'll always be "Baby Sam" in my book, but he's definitely not looking like it anymore...
(WrestleMania at the Moore house!)

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  1. I love finding the unexpected reminders of my boy. They always pop up just when I need them to too!

    Love the wrestlemania pics!!! A boy and his dad love to "fight"