Friday, August 17, 2012

Slow Down!

So this little boy of mine is trying to grow up WAY too fast. At 14 months, he is officially out of the crib and on a twin mattress now -- way, WAY earlier than I had anticipated making the switch. It seems like in every way possible, he takes the fast route in trying to grow up just that much faster. Learn to walk? How about we learn to run instead?! Learn to float in the pool? Nah, let's start kicking and doing it on my own without you touching me. It's fun to watch him figure something new out each day and explore the things around him, but as I continue to pack up all the "baby" items, it's becoming a bit emotional for yours truly. All those years of yearning for that healthy little baby -- the one that just wants to be held and cuddled, can't quite sit up yet and smiles when you do something goofy, etc...and now before we could even blink, we have a crazy non-stop toddler running amok in this house. I absolutely LOVE it, but I already miss the days of sweet little baby Sam. It comes and goes all too quickly. I must admit, it has brought on a little baby fever -- never mind the fact that I'm absolutely terrified at the thought of another pregnancy and I'm pretty sure Samuel is the last baby in the Moore household, but still! There are nights where I want to sneak in Sam's room while he's asleep and just hold him since that's the only time he sits still, ha.

Anyways. So after a week of crazy nights where Sam pretty much refused to sleep in his crib, but rather scream all night instead, I finally decided to break out the twin mattress. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it was worth a try. He has always hated the crib, but it's been even worse lately. Much to my surprise, the second I laid the mattress down -- even before putting a sheet on it -- he ran to it and basically hugged it! It was love at first sight. Every night since, he has slept SO well. AND, for the first time EVER, he has slept on his *own* bed for a nap without a fight. I'm still slightly in shock that a twin mattress without prison bars (because let's face it, that's probably what a crib feels like to a kid!) is all it took. Even this afternoon while on the floor playing with his toys, he stopped and went over and just laid down on his bed and decided it was time for a nap. I felt like I needed to pick my jaw up off the ground. I think a whole new world of peaceful sleep is upon us. And while it's super exciting, it leaves me slightly sad. The crib is gone. The tiny sheets are gone. The aquarium that attaches to the crib bars and plays white noise is no longer needed. The room looks like a little boy's room now. Where did my baby go? Oh, that's right...he's trying to grow up before my very eyes.

While on the phone with my sister yesterday, she asked if all of this makes me want to cry. While she received a sarcastic laugh in response, she proceeded to tell me that she was serious in her question, as just thinking about it made her sad, too. It definitely brings out the emotions. Little baby Sam is not so little anymore...

Here he is after patiently -- or not so patiently -- waiting for me to put a sheet on the mattress...

And here is the little boy's room...goodbye crib, it's been a good run, but Samuel is ready to move on...

(ignore the Aladdin sheets from my childhood -- Sam's are in the washer)

The kid loves the new layout of his room -- I see many forts and tents being built with dad in the future. Here they are in the "boys only" zone. Sam thought that was AWESOME!

With rearranging the room, I made his books/toys a little more accessible for him by rotating the bookshelf. Clearly, I better watch what I put on the top since he can easily reach it! I currently have Jacob, Jordan, and Olivia's bears up there...I might have to reconsider that...

For now, we're going to keep the mattress on the floor while he gets completely adjusted, but it won't be long before we start shopping for a bunk bed set -- I have a feeling that will bring even more emotions. The sweet boy. Everyday brings something new and exciting and continually reminds me how fast he is growing up!

Oh, did I mention he knows how to open his door, will dive off any child gate, and the lever door knob locks won't fit our door handles? A new challenge awaits -- how to keep Sam in his room at night...

That being said, just thinking about it all brings such a smile. I may be sentimental and emotional about Samuel growing so fast, but I'm so so thankful we get to hit each of these milestones. I LOVE every second of it!!!

And now it's time to go sneak a kiss while that little man is sleeping peacefully in his bed before heading to bed myself...


  1. I hear ya. I even got emotional putting away all the bottles and drying rack. Just another reminder that our babies aren't babies!

    Sometimes it makes me thankful Finn is my little 5% peanut. At storytime the other day a mom asked how old he was and I said "14 months" to which she said "oh wow he's so small" ... Of course that made me a little defensive and sad but that's just the mama bear in me. But I saw how much bigger her 14 month old little girl was and just figured at least he still kinda feels like my little baby at times.... But yeah, mostly when he's sleeping and not trying to destroy my house! Ha.

  2. Tell me about it!! I keep packing up more and more "baby" things too. He only takes one bottle a day anymore. Wants a real cup. lol. Growing up reallllllllly fast!

  3. My oh my, I just went offline for a couple of months and here I found your little Sam is little no more. It brings tears to my eyes, Priss. Watching him grow up and beginning to come to his own (and be independent!) through your photos and blog posts simply blows me away and makes me think: "Wow! It seems like it was only yesterday he was just a wee baby but look at him now." Love the fact that Sam likes his bed the minute you laid it out for him to use. Talk about really telling you that he's ready as if to say, "See, mommy, no need to force me into doing stuffs. When I'm ready, I just do it!" LOL.

    I would imagine I'll feel the same way as you when Kian becomes bigger and older - sad but loving every minute as he reaches and surpasses his milestones. He's going on 4 months and already I'm looking back at week-old pics of his every night and marveling at his growth as well as feeling a bit sad that he's no longer so tiny. (;___;) But I know we still have ways to go. :)

    P.S. Belated 10-year anniversary to you and James! Here's to another decade to both of you. (Btw, both our marriages are a decade old. Well, mine's a decade plus one, ouch, I feel like an old lady I LOVE all your pics of the Grand Canyon trip.