Saturday, February 4, 2012

Here's Hoping...

Here's hoping that Mr. Samuel Ryan takes after his dad when it comes to tooth strength! He can have my straight teeth, but not the wimp factor. Just like any other night, I was flossing my teeth while getting ready for bed a little while ago and what happens? I somehow found a way to chip my tooth with FLOSS. Seriously. Who does that?! I stood there and stared at it for awhile in shock. Really? James joked about it afterwards, ha. Who knew floss was that powerful? It's a good thing I already have my 6 month dental cleaning scheduled for Monday. It might be a whole lot more fun now that I have this lovely issue.

Good times.

Since then, I've gotten second wind. Perhaps it's a good time to work on our taxes. I always hate doing them, but am glad once they're done. Hmmm, now that I say that...I've got to admit...I'm slightly excited about doing them this year. After all, it's the first year that we've been able to actually claim our child! I know that may sound minor (or crazy!), but in the past, the act of doing our taxes was yet another silent reminder of what 'should have been.' In some weird way, I feel like being able to claim him is a way in which we can shout out that, yes, we have a son...a healthy, happy son -- one that's here to stay!

Okay, enough of this late night crazy talk. I better go find Sam's SSN card and get to work. Love that boy...


  1. I'm with ya on the weak teeth - mine are so pathetic! And that picture is gorgeous - love the coloring.

  2. My fav pic of him!! Adorable!