Monday, November 21, 2011

Buddies For Life And A Little (Big) Step...

So, I know it comes as no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that I'm slightly obsessed with my camera -- or rather, when it is used to take pictures of Samuel. Well, I put it to good use the other day and helped show my friend, Caroline, a thing or two with her camera. While she has a different brand -- causing a few hang-ups with me not being able to find certain functions -- we were still able to change a few things up so that she could learn more about the manual setting, etc. Who better than our two rainbows to be our subjects for such practice?

(ignore the fact that I toyed around with Photoshop on a few of these and clearly could use a few lessons!)

Upon putting Samuel and his buddy, Finley, in their bumbo seats, they immediately held hands -- talk about melting your heart! We got such a kick out of watching them interact. We agreed that we could easily narrate a little book with each picture and what they were possibly telling each other. If you had to guess, what do you think Finley was telling Sam?

Apparently, Samuel was impressed with Finn's outfit...

And Finn liked Sam's pinkie...

Friends forever...

Unfortunately, this was the last of Samuel's happy side...

It was then that the emotions came forth..

And then it happened...

Oh, the poor little man. Life is so hard at times!

Sweet little Finn didn't let that get to him though, as he happily continued to pose for the camera...

After uploading this picture, I had to wonder if Finn was looking at Sam. He almost looks concerned...

Oh, those eyes. So beautiful...

I'm so glad that Finley and Samuel are here -- bringing complete joy to us mamas. We'll hopefully do this again soon, but with their other (rainbow) friend, Norah. Such fun!

And regards to the little (big) step...

James keeps telling me that I should do more with my photography than take pictures of Samuel and Obadiah. While I'm not completely confident in my ability to photograph others, he's not the only one to encourage me in taking the next step. So...I'm taking the first *baby* step. A friend of mine is 7 months pregnant with her rainbow and here in a couple weeks, we're going to do a little maternity shoot. I'm anxious to see how it goes! I by no means consider myself a professional or even among the ranks of one, but who knows...maybe this will become something bigger in the future. (or not.) Either way, we agreed that I should have a little copyright logo to go along with it, so I toyed around with Photoshop and this is what I came up with. I'm sure it will change/improve later down the road, but will work for now. What do you think?

I always said that if I ever did anything with my photography, I wanted to name it after our daughter since she's the reason I finally took the plunge and bought a camera. Plus, after her passing, a good friend of ours commented on how she liked the fact that "Liv Moore" sounded like "live more." Livy's short life definitely reminded us all that we should live life to the absolute fullest and soak up every second that we're given, so it just fit...


  1. What a perfect name! I'm excited for your new undertaking. And I LOVE the pics of Sam and Fin.

  2. Love the pictures! But I LOVE that you are taking this first step. Your pictures are so great and this could be the start of a really neat adventure for you. The name couldn't be more perfect!

  3. Love the pictures and the fact that you're taking the step to do more with something you're so passionate about!!

    The name is just perfect!

  4. I love the pictures, especially the one with the boys holding hands! Finley & Samuel are just so adorable. The logo is absolutely perfect, also!! :) I am so excited about the maternity shoot and can't wait to see how it turns out.

  5. I love all the pictures! And I love the logo! Incorporating Olivia into it is fabulous and so perfect!! This is a great undertaking and I think it is perfect for you! You do a wonderful job!

  6. Your pictures are amazing as always. I love that Fin and Sam are such good buds! :) Your logo is perfect, and I am just sure that you will be incredibly successful. I am always showing Josh your photos. You are an amazing photographer and incorporating Liv's name into your business makes it all the more special. Sending you big supportive hugs!

  7. The pictures are GREAT and Norah would love to join on the next photo adventure. :) I love that you are taking this step, I love the name...gave me goosebumps! <3

  8. Priss! LOVE the new pics!! I wish you lived closer to teach me a few things with the camera! (like how to make the backgrounds all fuzzy!). You will be great on your new adventure!! I love the name!!!