Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Because I'm Cheap...

...I decided to do our own little photo shoot rather than hiring a professional...

Samuel turned 15 weeks old today, so I decided to pull the crib away from the wall, grab a basket, and start shooting...

No smiles today, but I did catch his attention...

I couldn't help but laugh when I realized I had caught Samuel in the act. Poor guy -- between Obadiah and Samuel, there's lots of drooling going on around here. Speaking of which, I think that's who he was staring at when I took this picture...

Not sure what was going on here, but I love his chunky arms...

My favorite. Such a serious little boy...

And, of course, I have to add the weekly chair picture. Nice and cozy, ready for bed...


  1. OMG He is absolutely adorable. I love the shots! Good idea doing them at home. What type of camera did you use?

  2. You're not cheap! These are awesome pics. I'd like to put a caption on Sam's drooling one: "Look bro, I can drool better than you." (^_^)

  3. Thanks! You guys are sweet. :)

    Ashley, I have the Canon T2i.

    Jennifer, LOVE your caption! Too cute!

  4. Love the pictures...he's getting so big! :)

  5. awesome pics!!! sam is just perfect! and those pictures really show how blonde his hair is coming in! can't wait to see him again :)

  6. Amazing photos! I would love to have you take Genevieve's photos! ;-) Sam is adorable <3

  7. ughhh - he's so cute. love those beautiful eyes!

  8. geez, your photos are insanely good, pris! it's killing me. you should be doing this for a living.

    and hello rainbow. we love you, sammy.