Friday, June 17, 2011

More About Molly Bears...

During my last post, I mentioned our bears from Molly Bears...

For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing organization, please check out the link above! After losing a baby, you go home with empty arms -- but in some small way, this organization helps fill those arms. We had received our Olivia bear months ago (weighing exactly what Livy weighed at birth -- 5 lbs 10 oz), but we just recently received our Jacob and Jordan bears the weekend before Samuel's birth. It wasn't until recently that they started offering "micro" bears for those baby loss mamas that had babies that weighed less than 2 lbs. When I saw that, I immediately requested a bear for each of our first two angels. While we lost Jordan at 7 weeks gestation, we still chose to request a bear (with the lightest weight possible) so that Samuel would have some association with that sibling once he's older. Then with the Jacob bear, we were able to actually get his weight exactly (400g). I must say...the moment we got our Jacob and Jordan bears in the mail, it brought me back to 8 years ago when we first said goodbye to Jake. Holding that bear is as close as we'll ever get to holding our son again. It may sound weird to some, but it helps ease the pain in some small way to those of us missing our angels.

If you ever feel compelled to do so, please check out their website and send a donation their way! They don't ask for anything from a baby loss family. They feel that these families have been through enough already. So they rely on donations alone to keep this wonderful program running. I can't thank them enough for the wonderful gifts we've received. I hope that they are able to continue this program for years to come, so that many more families will be able to fill their arms with something that resembles their sweet angel...

Samuel with our three bears...


  1. I love this picture! I'm so glad to know they are doing them for micro-preemies. Now I can order one that weighed what Jacob did.

  2. Such a sweet picture. I am so glad that you finally received your Jacob and Jordan bears.

  3. I love that picture. I love molly bears to! I'd love to order a micro bear but my bear is going to be 20lbs, so I just feel bad. lol. You should mention that they only accept new people on the 30th of each month!

  4. oh what a sweet photo. I'm excited to get caught back up and see all these great pics of Sam!

  5. love the pic!! oh how much money you will save i professional photos now that you have become so good!!;-) HUGS!! i NEED to order my Rosie bear!!