Monday, April 4, 2011

On A More Serious Note...

I realize that I may as well make this a basset blog, as Obadiah's in a majority of my postings. However, I just watched this video and had to post it. It's a wonderful documentary showing another side of things -- what the nurses experience when we're in there delivering our angels.

I'll never forget the nurses that we had with both Jacob and Olivia. While in the hospital with Jacob, there was one nurse specifically that was so heartbroken for us that she continued to come back and check on us throughout our stay -- I can still picture what she looked like in my head. Even when we weren't her patients and she was working elsewhere, she stopped by. In fact, I remember her stopping by once before her shift even started.

Then with Olivia, we had some of the most amazing nurses that I will forever cherish. Some shed tears, others admitted to losing their own and opened up in their own way as they tried to comfort me, and one helped get my mind off of the sadness at one point and talked with me about random things while James was taking my mom to the airport. They were all so comforting and caring in their own ways and definitely opened their hearts while with us. Two of them told me they never forget the patients that go through such loss. I immediately thought of that statement while watching this video...


  1. I had one very special nurse. Actually, she was the charge nurse on duty the day I found out. She stayed with me for 24 hours and then kept calling to check on me after she had gone home. She came back to the hospital right before Addie was born and was the one to clean her up and dress her. She and I still write notes to each other. She is one I will never forget.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! :)
    I am so thankful for the precious nurses I had. I had one in particular, who helped me put on makeup and washed and dried my hair. She was amazing..

  3. wow...i think i cried through that whole video....hugs pris!

  4. ugh! i cried through this whole thing! I had some amazing nurses! There was only one in 4 days that seemed "uncomfortable" with our situation. Other than that, my nurses were AMAZING!!!

  5. This video is wonderful, it had me in tears, too. Thanks for sharing!