Monday, April 25, 2011

Jordan's Day...

Last Thursday marked 5 years since we lost our second angel, Jordan Skye. It's hard to believe that it's been so long already! I remember it like it was yesterday and the deployment that followed. It's crazy to think of where we are now vs. then. While we didn't get a chance to get to know Jordan, we still love and remember our second baby on their special day.

This particular day also marked another step in this pregnancy with Samuel. I went and registered with the hospital that we will be delivering him at. They had told me back at week 12 to go do this, but I refused. I told them that I wasn't ready for that and had no intention to rush in there anytime soon. Well, with that, they told me that I absolutely HAD to do it before week 28 was over. Thursday happened to be one day shy of 29 weeks, so I guess I still stayed within the guidelines with that madness.

While we were there at the hospital, we signed all of the paperwork, made sure everything was in order, then walked up to see where L&D was located. Yeah, that was fun. A bunch of preggos walking the halls trying to prepare for labor. Good times. Considering our past experiences, the L&D floor isn't exactly a fun place to be in -- I hope that changes in June!


  1. Remembering Jordan with you today.

  2. I was thinking of all of you on Thursday (and realized when I had to reformat my phone, I lost your number AGAIN--stupid technology)! I miss y'all and pray for you daily!

  3. <3 Jordan <3 Thinking about you and your family!