Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello, Third Trimester...

SO glad to see you!

We are officially 28w1d now and edging closer and closer to the end. Yesterday consisted of another appointment with my peri in Atlanta and I'm glad to say, Sam's doing great! They were very pleased with his development and activity. He must've had a pretty good growth spurt, as he is now ahead of his gestational age -- he used to be a week behind at every appointment. He's weighing in at 2lb 10oz and you can tell he's gained a bit of chunkiness on the ultrasound. It's such a relief to see a healthy kid in there!

Here are some of his ultrasound pics from yesterday's appointment...

His nose and mouth...

A foot...

A profile shot...

He was looking over at us...

Someone has his mouth open...

We're in love with that little guy and hope so badly that we get to take him home in less than 8 weeks!


  1. I'm so glad Sam is doing so great! Thinking of you and hoping everything continues going well!

  2. I love profile shots! So glad all is going well! Sam will be here before you know it!

  3. Oh my gosh, that last one is hillarious. Just kickin back catchin flies. lol. We are so thrilled for you!!!

  4. Hi Sam! I love you stay safe in there! I can't believe you are starting to get close to meeting him. Miss you guys sorry I've been MIA, I'm at home visiting be back Wednesday!

  5. Love the pictures! praying the Lord continues to bless Samuel's life and look forward to 8 wks from now. Love and hugs, Rachel

  6. I can't wait to meet this little guy...come on Sambo, stay strong! We're all pulling for you! Love to you three, oh yes, and of course, Obers.

  7. Awesome pictures! I can't believe that you are 8 weeks away, so EXCITING!!!

  8. LOOOVE this update! :) praying everyday!!!

  9. YEAH!!! Welcome to the third trimester! I am so so thrilled for you. His ultrasound pictures are incredibly adorable! :-) I am cheering you two on! <3 <3 <3