Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sambo At 24 Weeks...

So as I continue to play catchup from our weekend...

Our Friday was GREAT if you ignore the fridge madness. We had our next appointment with the peri in Atlanta and all looks good. Again, a total relief! Sam is healthy and growing as he should. He had a heart rate of 144 bpm, he's weighing in at 1lb 6oz., and my cervix is measuring at 4.1 cm -- all of which is fantastic!

The ultrasound was fun to watch, as he continually played with his feet -- grabbing them, etc. At one point, he had the hiccups, so that was fun to watch. Apparently, having the hiccups is a good thing -- it shows that his lungs are working properly, etc. Our doctor said that he was glad to see his hiccup episode and that Sam's doing great!

The best part of the ultrasound was when we looked at all of Samuel's measurements. Like our other babies, Sam measures about a week smaller than average (which is still fine) in almost everything. Most of the measurements were at about 23w1d or so, yet the funny part came when his arms measured at 25w1d. So basically, he is like his daddy in yet another way. James' arms are longer than average -- most long sleeve shirts look too small on him when it comes to the sleeves so he typically rolls them up a little. It made us laugh when we noticed the measurements of Sam's arms and we started to wonder if Sam was going to have the same problem as he grew. I guess we'll see with time if Sam's arms continue to stay longer than the rest. Talk about a mini-James!

Here's Sam at 24 weeks...

It's a continued relief that he's doing well, but as we all know, we're not out of the water just yet. As many smiles as that appointment brought, we're still totally fearful of what could happen at any moment. James and I hit up the mall after Sam's appointment and gave in and did a little shopping for him, but did so knowing that he very well may never get to wear any of it. I hate thinking like that, but it's only realistic after our past experiences. Nevertheless, we found some cute shirts and James even picked out a couple of the items. Did I mention that Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree were all having 30% off anything deals over the weekend -- including clearance items? They know how to lure me in, that's for sure...

After getting our shopping out of the way, we fully intended on fulfilling my craving for Baja Fresh (something we don't have down here in Columbus), but traffic was so horrendous that we ended up back at The Cheesecake Factory. With it being in the mall parking lot, it was much more convenient than sitting forever in traffic to go elsewhere. We tried, but we barely moved a mile before saying screw it and turning around back to the mall. With Oba in the cage, we didn't have all night to sit in traffic -- yay for immediate seating at The CF and a large menu that includes a few southwestern items (so I could get my fix)! By the time we got out of there, the traffic had subsided, so we were able to head home with ease.

What a long day, but a great one!

Below are two pictures to go along with this week in the pregnancy...

After James gave the camera back to me, I asked if he would smile for a picture. Instead, this is what I got...


  1. i am so glad to see sam and you are doing so are constantly in my thoguhts and prayers!! I just KNOW this little man is coming home with you! I can feel it in my bones!!!

  2. oh....we will be down in Georgia the weekend of memorial day weekend....i still have to figure out how far we will be from you, but maybe we can convince your very pregnant butt (by that time) to meet out for lunch or something:-)

  3. Great pictures! Love his sweet, little hand waving. I would love nothing more than for our little boys to get to play together :)

  4. Yay for Sam! I am so glad that he is growing just as he should :) And boo! for Atlanta traffic, you gotta love it!

  5. So good to hear things are going well, you look wonderfuul. Thats the kind of pic id get from my hubby to lol

  6. Yay! Great news. I miss you :(

  7. You look great! What a funny picture of James. :-) Josh does the same thing! I am so so happy to hear how well Sam is doing. I continue to send you both prayers and hopeful thoughts! Hugs and love!

  8. Sambo's growing great! Love your belly pics. And James' expression seemed to be aimed at the bad traffic you encountered, "Wut? We can't reach Baja Fresh!" Heh. XD