Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Halfway There?

So assuming that the docs induce me before the point at which we lost Liv (which is the current plan), we're already halfway through this pregnancy! Here's hoping things continue to go well so that we can make it that far. I hate to get too far ahead of myself and just assume that we'll get there, but we can hope!

Before I left for the photography "growth group" (the small group that I joined through that new church we've been attending) last night, I called to James in the kitchen and asked for him to come into the bathroom so that we could grab a picture for the 18w mark. I suppose I was already a little behind seeing as how yesterday marked 18w4d, but oh well. If we had waited any longer, we may as well just skip to the 19w picture, so since it came to mind, I figured we should try and take one. Much to my surprise, in comes James WITH Obadiah in his arms. Ha! Oba didn't look too thrilled about this involuntary photo shoot, but he went with it. We were in a bit of a rush since I had to head out -- I had no idea how long it would take me to get to the host's house with traffic, etc. So I just started randomly taking shots -- not really knowing if we were going to be IN the picture. With this DSLR, I prefer not to use the digital viewing screen since it takes longer for the camera to focus, so I just went with it...

Clearly, this was a fail, but I caught Oba mid-yawn...

Yay to getting everyone in the shot! (Notice Oba was in the middle of winking -- today was not his day for pictures apparently...)

This last one isn't very good, but it made me laugh out loud when I saw it. By the end, James was a bit annoyed -- claiming that he's sure we got a decent one by now... (you can see the annoyance in his face, haha.)

Poor James...and be subjected to such torture...

Perhaps next week won't be so rushed and we can get a better shot of the three of us (without the bathroom as the background)? I guess we'll see how things go...

Right after I took those, I hugged my boys and headed out. James took this "growth group" meeting as a chance to catch up on some reading. He's not much into photography unless we're traveling new cities -- which is when he then might steal the camera for a minute to take some of his own shots -- so he figured he would pass on the group. However, I might drag him along one week in the future. It ended up being a great group of people and I look forward to learning a thing or two -- perhaps James can too if he chooses to come sometime!

As an added perk to this particular "growth group"...not only is it solely based on photography...but the girl that I had previously mentioned in my blog -- who spoke about the loss of her son the first week we attended this new church -- happens to be the host! It was so great to meet her and her husband and have the opportunity to speak with her briefly before/after the meeting. It's amazing how things work out...the people you'll run across in your life and the opportunities that arise. Here I had been telling James a couple of weeks ago how I should look into a photography class and then one ironically became available through this new church. THEN of all things, it's hosted by a fellow BLM -- allowing for another connection in this new town of ours. What a blessing! I definitely look forward to getting to know both her and the others in the group and learning more about this crazy camera that I have...

On my way home, I called to let James know my status and ask how the basset behaved while I was gone. Apparently the poor pup cried his little eyes out, longing for his momma. It's funny how he acts like I'm chopped liver when I'm home with him and especially when James gets home from work -- being SO excited to see him -- but on the off chance that it's in reverse, he ignores James and acts depressed that I'm gone. Such a crazy pup we have! It sure can make your day, though, when you come home and are greeted by a sweet basset who is beyond excited to see you!

Well, here's to the halfway mark. Next step...pass 21 1/2 weeks -- the point in which we lost our first son, Jake. Come on, March!!!


  1. yay for the halfway point...and i'm loving james face in the picture :) priceless!!!

    enjoy your photog class and pass on any helpful tips! :) so amazing how God works and puts things in the right place with the right people!

    Praying for you all and samuel to reach that next milestone of 21 1/2 weeks! :)

  2. Awesome, you are half way there!! I love the pictures and especially the second one, it looks like Oba is winking at the camera! :) He is so cute!

    That is so great that you have made yet another connection here in C-town!

  3. half way there!! we can't wait to meet you samuel. i'm glad you're kicking your mama when she eats a cookie.

    i love your pictures! the 1st one is actually my favorite :) i stole it & cropped it. love you, sis! (and i like that you filled that big script at target ;) ) ok, i'm sounding creepy. thinking about you every day.

  4. Congrats on your half way mark! <3 You look great! And Oba is as cute as ever. :) I am sending you lots of prayers and hopeful wishes as you move toward your next milestone! Big Big Hugs!

  5. You're looking great, as usual. James is such a trooper sitting in on your photo sessions. March is coming, it'll be here before you know it, then it's on to June. I'm glad Samuel likes cookies!