Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Big Thumbs Up!

So with each Ob/Peri appointment that comes, I anxiously await that ultrasound fearing for bad news. I mean, how can I not after all that we've been through? As they put that gel on my stomach and set everything up, I nearly hold my breath. I'm sure that will change once I can constantly feel Samuel moving around, but up until this point, I don't so I'm constantly paranoid. Well, thankfully, today brought another batch of good news our way!

Samuel's healthy with a heart rate of 152 bpm and growing as he should be, and best yet -- and the reason for today's ultrasound -- my cervix is measuring exactly where it should be! (For those of you just now reading, this is a major concern after how we lost our first son, Jacob.) What a huge relief! My sister, Deb, said it best...I spoke with her before the appointment and she said a good ultrasound will probably give me a sigh of relief for about 2 minutes, haha. Yeah...that sounds about right. :)

Well, that sigh of relief was followed by a fun 10 minutes of watching our little guy relax on the screen. He was too stubborn to give us a profile shot, but we did get to see him vegging out. He laid there with his arm behind his head as if to give it some cushion like someone who's laying on their back without a pillow. He also sat there with his fist clinched shut, but his index finger out and bending back and forth continually as if it was intriguing to watch. Towards the end, he gave us a thumbs up -- giving the tech, James and I a good laugh. Perhaps he was reminding us that things are going great thus far...

I'm so thankful things are continuing to go well. It's still hard not to expect the worst, and gosh...I'm sure I still will until we hear him cry at delivery -- assuming we make it that far. I guess it's only natural. We'll definitely soak up every minute that we have with this little guy, that's for sure!

On a side note, something really strange happened last night. I have this canvas of a basset hound that hangs in our hallway -- a gift from my sister shortly after Liv's death. She said it reminded her of Oba, so she had to get it! Well, it's hanging up by a pretty thick nail, so it shouldn't ever go anywhere. However, late last night, while Oba and James were both fast asleep, I heard this huge crash. With the house completely dark minus the laptop, I immediately wondered what on earth that noise could've come from. When I got up to look, I saw the canvas on the ground and the nail still firmly in place in the wall. There was absolutely no reason for it to fall. I looked on the back of the canvas and nothing was different either. How weird! I know in the baby loss community, I hear people mention how they feel that situations like that make them wonder if it's their kid toying with them. I jokingly told James that Liv was messing with us, but who knows. Either way, that was just really odd...

Well, here's to another day of good news and a glimpse of little Samuel!


  1. yay samuel!!! love love love how that sweet precious baby was giving you thumbs up.. like he was telling you not to worry. we can not wait to meet him.

  2. How adorable! I love that he was giving you a thumbs up! I am so excited that he continues to do so well. <3 <3 <3 Yeah for another good day! I am cheering little Samuel on!
    The picture story is very strange...it does make you wonder if your angels were at play!
    Big hugs! xoxo

  3. Awesome news!! I had an appointment today too and felt the same way - just nervous heading into it and I can relax a little as soon as I see that beating heart, but like you said, until I'm holding a crying baby, it's impossible not to worry.

    So glad Samuel said "don't worry folks, all is well in here!" :)

  4. So glad things are going well!

    Just came across your blog. love the layout. I am so sorry for your losses. You sure pick beautiful names for your babies. Blessings and hugs, Hannah Rose


  5. Hey! I was so excited to hear about Samuel giving you guys the thumbs up. Seems like we haven't talked in forever and it's only been a couple of days! I feel lost without you! Well, I'm thinking about you guys all the time, tell Samuel hi for me and to stay safe in there. :)