Friday, January 14, 2011

15 Weeks With A Hint Of Movement...

Today makes it 15 weeks with Spud! It also makes it 13 months since Livy passed away. So much joy intertwined with so much grief. How wonderful it is to make it past another week with this pregnancy -- bringing another week of hope. Each week definitely brings another tiny sigh of relief our way. We won't completely be there until we hear Spud cry, but it does help...

Thankfully, morning sickness has gone on to bigger and better things and has found itself another victim to torture. With each day since then, I've been slowly regaining my strength. Now it's just a matter of reminding myself to take it easy. I have the energy (sometimes) to go-go-go, but I know I should prop my feet up on the ottoman and watch a movie instead. No risky business going on over here, that's for sure!

Over the past week, I've felt little flutters on and off which has been great! Of course, then a day passes where I feel nothing and it freaks me out -- the joys of it all. Either way, it's nice to know little Spud is growing like he/she should. I look forward to this time next week when we have another ultrasound. Not only will that help relieve some stress to see Spud on the screen, but we'll also be able to hopefully find out who's in there. There is much to look forward to!

Here's a picture that I took earlier today... (You'll notice a certain husband jumped in, too!)


  1. bwahaha James' face is hillarious!!
    I'm so glad you're doing well. Let me know what good movies you end up watching! :D

  2. That is such a cute picture. I love the little flutters and I'm so happy you are feeling them and that the nausea is going away. I hope the time doesn't drag by too slowly before your ultrasound and that you see Spud doing dances in there and get some amazing pictures.