Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Liv's Birthday: Part Three...

So I somehow forgot to mention anything about Liv's cake in any of the postings about her Birthday...oops! Not that I wouldn't want to drag out blogging about Liv's special day, but in a final posting about it, I must mention her Birthday cake...

Even though Olivia's not here, we wanted to get a little cake for her Birthday. Sure, she's not able to smash it, taste it, use it as hair gel, etc., but we were still going to have one. How could we not?

So when the 14th came, James and I sat down, and remembered our baby girl with a little cake that we felt fit her perfectly...

It wasn't big, but neither was she. I got a picture of James with the cake, then he did the same with me. Of course, he had to crack a joke as he was taking mine, so I couldn't help but laugh. Leave it to James to help a sad situation turn a little happier... :)

That punk. :)

It definitely wasn't as enjoyable sitting there eating a cake in her honor rather than watching her eat it, but I suppose we had no other option...

Overall, Liv's birthday went rather well -- considering -- and we were truly blessed with all the love that we were surrounded with by friends and family. While we spent time together at the hotel room remembering Olivia -- just the two of us, so many others were doing the same elsewhere. Our baby girl sure is loved!!!


  1. Beautiful cake. Olivia sure is loved. I can feel it just by reading your words....I can feel it in the air. I know she can too. She had such a wonderful birthday!

  2. What a beautiful and festive cake. It looks very yummy. I can just imagine Livy with chocolate all over her hands and face! <3 I bet she was enjoying watching her mommy and daddy enjoying the cake in her honor. I am so happy her birthday was so special and meaningful. You, James, Olivia, Jake, Jordan, and Spud are in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas. Sending you all lots of love!

  3. Livy's cake looked decadently delicious! Glad her birthday brought you and James new memories and so much love from your family and friends. What a great way to honor your little girl.