Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello, Second Trimester...

So nice to see you!

Well, we have made it to 12 weeks. In fact, I'm officially 12w4d today. So far, so good...I'm definitely thankful for that! With as much as I'll be visiting my two docs, hopefully things will continue to go well and they'll catch anything before it's too late this time around!

I realize I haven't made any updates on Spud lately, so let's backtrack. Back on Dec. 10th, I made the trek up to North Atlanta to see my new perinatologist. It was mainly just the initial consult, but we had an ultrasound while we were there to see where things were at. The tech was sweet and found a good spot and just left it there so I could watch Spud wiggle from side to side. Afterwards, I spoke with the doc about what he would like to do during the pregnancy and how he would like to handle everything. Shockingly, he's even more gung-ho about an early delivery than my regular OB! He said that he would like to test the baby's lungs, and if they're developed enough, he would like to see me induced at 35 weeks -- wow! I'm not sure what I think about a delivery at 35 weeks, but I guess we've got awhile before we need to worry about that. I mean, we first have to get that far with this babe!

Either way, here's Spud on the 10th (10w with a heart rate of 176 bpm)...

Then fast forwarding to the 21st, I had my next checkup with my regular OB here in town. Another ultrasound was performed and, for once, James was able to be there! With all four babies, he has only been able to attend one ultrasound (at 9w with Liv), so it was nice having him there to see it, too. At first, Spud was asleep and wouldn't move. It kind of freaked me out, but there was a heartbeat so I was slightly relieved. Then the tech sat there tapping my stomach with the ultrasound wand until Spud woke up. By that point, Spud started jumping around like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. The tech was all excited and said she just loves it when she gets to see little babies jumping around like that. It was definitely sweet to watch.

Here's a picture of Spud before he/she woke up (11w4d with a heart rate of 171 bpm)...

After we watched the trampoline moves for awhile, she continued on to try and do the test I was originally there for (NT test, I think?). However, Spud was just barely too small to perform such a test, so she measured my cervix then told me I get to come back on Jan 4th for another try...

After visiting the ultrasound room, we met with my OB and went over things at this point and set up the weekly appointments for my progesterone injections. Oh, the joys...

It looks like I'll be seeing my OB office every Tuesday until this babe makes its appearance -- here's hoping that's not until June!

Note: For anyone concerned about Spud being too small...he/she's not. The NT test is generally ordered further along in the pregnancy at the peri's office than what my OB did, so it was no surprise that Spud wasn't large enough for it to be performed. Spud's right on track where he/she should be, so no worries...


  1. So happy that you have good news with spud and that your husband got to see spud too! YEA! You are in my prayers!

  2. Spud is just beautiful....what a joyous occasion! Will be thinking of you lots...and always, Priscilla. Take care.

  3. I love Spud's ultrasound pics! Welcome to the 2nd trimester. I hope it will be smooth sailing as it can be for you (I know easier said than done...), James and little Spud. Take care. Grow healthy, baby Spud.

  4. So glad to see that things are progressing well for little spud! And I am so happy that you are pleased with your OB and the MFM...that is great! :)

  5. I am so happy to see your post Priss! I'm glad you have such great doctors there and I'm continuing my prayers for you guys. ♥

  6. Welcome to second trimester, little Spud! I loved reading about his/her trampoline antics...how adorable! I am so glad that your
    OB and MFS are being so proactive and that Spud is right on track! I will continue to send you lots of well wishes! <3 <3 <3

  7. Those little pictures are perfect! Im so glad things are goin well for you, thinking of you!

  8. where have you been??? hope all is well call me if you need to chat. Rachel

  9. Hello dear friend miss you!! We've been thinking of you and praying all is well call me for a catch up soon. Today in church was a wonderful sermon about well what you and James have been thru. Spencer and I looked at eachother and I couldn't help but feel bad that we haven't talked in awhile. Forever on my mind Pris and James. Love you!! Rachel Brooks