Sunday, November 14, 2010


* I figured since this is totally irrelevant to what I blogged about earlier, I would start a new post --purely just a vent of sorts. *

Oh, how I loathe heartburn...

With only being a little over 6 weeks along with Baby #4, I didn't expect to experience this just yet. Apparently this kid is aspiring to be like his/her older brother, Jake.

Jake rebelled anytime I had any kind of Italian food, and, on top of that, gave me constant heartburn for no reason whatsoever. In fact, he was notorious for giving me awful, AWFUL heartburn for the entire time he was with me. I remember being up half the night at times in severe pain -- nothing helped.

Well, it looks as though Baby #4 might possibly do the same thing. It has already started. We decided to have Italian for dinner and James jokingly said, "Now we can see if he/she's like Jake and won't let you eat this..." Sadly, it's true. I've been suffering ever since we had dinner. I guess we know who's eating those leftovers -- definitely not me!

I guess this is one more situation where I can look to Livy and realize how much she stood out on her own. No heartburn during the entire pregnancy (so all of those out there that think hair brings on heartburn...definitely not. Liv had a full head of hair and not one issue with heartburn!), and she never rebelled when I ate my favorite -- Italian/Pizza. I think she was too laid back to cause trouble, ha.

With all of that being said, it looks like we're in for some fun times ahead. That's fine, though. As long as this kid's healthy, I'll live on Cheerios if I must!

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  1. That was my very, very first symptom w/ the boys.....heartburn! It was right at 4 weeks just as I took that 10th preggo test to believe what was happening lol. Then it hit.....then it made the preggo tests more real. Sadly it just got worse as time went on. I hope you can find a remedy to help you....I lived on Tums but that isn't a very good solution.