Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What A Great Day!

So after the last few blogs this may come as no surprise to anyone, but today consisted of lunch with another Baby Loss Momma (Rhiannon). Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I was able to get to know a BLM that actually lives here in the same town as us! I'm so glad to have met her, even if it was under such sad circumstances -- blogs about the loss of our daughters.

It was so great to sit down and get to know one another over lunch. With all that we had to talk about, time definitely got away from us. Before we knew it, we had been sitting at that table for nearly 4 hours or more -- that poor waitress...I think she was done with her shift well before we left!

It was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon, and I look forward to doing it again sometime soon. Before we left, we agreed that we'll have to get together when the hubbies are available so that they can meet, too. How fun! I know Oba wouldn't mind them coming over. He got to meet Rhiannon for a short time before we headed out to lunch, and to say the least, he liked her. When I got home, I let him out of the cage and he ran straight for the front door. The poor guy stood there looking out the side window, searching for his new friend. When he realized she wasn't coming, he ran back to me crying and then back to the door. Someone was a bit brokenhearted that their playtime was cut so short, ha.

Here's to an uplifting day!!

Oh, and to top it off, I got a call from my dad towards the end of the evening and found out he will be just 30 minutes from our house tomorrow for work. He's on the road for his job and we never know where he'll be, so to hear this news was awesome! Looks like a little trip to Opelika is in order!

Alright...after getting about 3 hours of sleep last night -- darn you, insomnia! -- I'm off to bed...


  1. Hope you get a ton of sleep :) I wish a knew a BLM around me. Not that I wish that grief on someone... but you know what I mean... <3

  2. What a wonderful day for you and Rhiannon. So glad that you have each other...and will hopefully continue to meet when you need it. I know how much it means to me to have someone close to me too. Hugs to you, my dear friend.

  3. That's great! A get-together with other BLMs is always uplifting. I'm glad you and Rhiannon got to meet and hopefully there will be more meetups like this one for you guys. Oh Oba's got some lovin', perhaps next time he'll get to play with Rhiannon's doggies, too. <3

  4. How wonderful! I am so glad that you and Rhiannon got to meet. I didn't realize you were going to be living in the same town! That will be so nice for you both (and for Oba!) Here's to good days and good news! Enjoy your visit with your dad!

  5. Of course you know how much I enjoyed our day, too! I look forward to many more and of course to a lot more play time with Oba :) I think he could handle my two crazy pups. I hope that you have a nice time visiting with your Dad!