Thursday, September 23, 2010

On The Road: Part 2...

Man...this week is becoming a blur! The last time I got on here, we were settling in for the night in northern California -- now we're in eastern Missouri! The past few days have been a bit crazy with lots of driving and a few interesting stops along the way. We were able to spend a full day in San Francisco, plus an afternoon touring Salt Lake City. We had plans of touring downtown Denver, but everything seemed to require Obadiah to stay in the car and with the heat that just wasn't going to happen. So because of that, we just drove around the city and continued on our way. Now with just about 6 hours left on our journey, we absolutely cannot WAIT to get to my parents' guest bedroom -- so sick of hotel rooms! I'm a bit of a germaphobe and due to random conventions going on in a couple of the cities that we stopped in for the night (who knew every hotel in the city would be booked?!?), we ended up in some less-than-desirable hotels. The brands were fine, but the actual hotel wasn't so great once we got in the room. I guess that kind of thing happens when you wait until you decide to crash for the night to find out if they have availability...

Anyways. There's much more to the past week, but until I have more than a few minutes to sit down on the laptop, I suppose details will have to wait. Before we call it a night, I will mention an unexpected meeting that happened while in San Francisco. Come to find out, another Baby Loss Momma that's here in the blog world lives just south of the city. After some emails/texts/calls, we figured out a plan for meeting up and were able to get together in downtown San Fran! It was so great meeting Jennifer and her husband, Dave. The mention of our babies didn't really take over the topic of conversation except for the when we initially met, but there was that common bond and understanding so there really was no need. Instead, we talked about the typical things that come up when meeting with friends -- weather, food, travel, etc. It just so happens that they have a basset hound too, so of course our pups were a popular topic! I'm really glad we were able to meet up, and if the opportunity arises, I'd love to do it again at some point! This unfortunate sisterhood that we've involuntarily joined is one that no one wants to be apart of, but if you are...there's a bond that no one else would ever be able to grasp from the outside looking in. Thank you, Jennifer, for making the trek up to San Fran! We both enjoyed getting to know you guys a little bit while on our journey east!

Here is a picture of the two of us...

Well, I'm exhausted. Here's to another day on the road -- looking forward to our pit stop in Indy for a few days!


  1. I will be anxious to read all about your loooong trip. Although exhausting, it does sound like an adventure. Especially with Oba in tow! I am so glad that you were able to meet Jennifer. You both are such amazing women. <3 What part of Indy will you be staying in? That is my home town! Safe travels!

  2. Likewise, Priscilla. Hope you, James and Oba have a safe trip. :)

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to meet up with someone who truly understands you...that is such an amazing feeling. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending a lovely blog award your way. Please check out my latest post (I'm so honored) when you have time. Hugs to you, Priscilla.

  4. Glad you are making your way across the country! What an adventure! :)

    Check out my blog, I gave you a blog award!! Sending love your way!

  5. Allison, you're too kind! We stayed in Avon (westside of Indy). We both are from that general area. How cool that Indy's your home town, too! What part are you from?

    Allisa and Rhiannon, thank you for the blog award!!!! I'm so behind right now that I just now saw this. Hopefully I'll be catching up shortly. :)