Thursday, June 18, 2009

11 Week Appointment.

So far so good! I ended up dealing with a resident, which threw me off, but he was great. We were able to hear Baby Moore's heartbeat, at a steady 170bpm. It's a relief to hear that everything is still going well. The only other thing they commented on was me actually losing weight, not gaining. It was just a couple pounds, but I'm sure that will change once this morning sickness is gone.

Due to our doctor's busy schedule, we're going back in 3 weeks, instead of 4, for my next check up. He'll be on vacation when I'm originally supposed to see him, so they bumped me up. No complaints here!

Even though it's a bit early to jump into it all, we went ahead and set up the crib the other night. With James leaving, I figured I may as well get his help while I can! Poor Obadiah didn't care too much for this idea. Once it was put together, he went over, sniffed it, and ran to the closet to hide. I don't think he's quite ready for a baby brother/sister. Earlier today, I put one of his pillows under the crib for him to can tell he's still not a fan.

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